Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Beyond You & Me Gets Some Virtual Ink

The very pretty Jai at The Cusp of Something has noticed Beyond You & Me and this site, too. The editors and agents are talking about the Internet as the place where tomorrow's literary voices can be found today, but it's fascinating how obtuse the agents can be.

For example, when Beyond You & Me passed 10,000 visitors, Lisa Van Auken at Creative Media Agency, Inc. was frantic to get in touch with me about the book, since she is looking for "a fabulous erotica writer." Then, when she did, she realized she'd turned down the book proposal several months before. OK, I guess that means all of y'all who are faithfully following the story through the blog don't count in comparison to her opinion. Oh, and Beyond You & Me will pass the 30,000 visitor plateau today, July 27t, barely a month after passing the 10,000 mark. Not too bad for a novel no agent will take a chance on.

This, of course, is why the publishing industry is turning out product that doesn't sell: it's the same stuff, book after book. Bridget Jones Diary means a whole list of imitators. Does my lack of success in placing this book with an agent mean that it's crap? Or too ground-breaking or innovative for their tastes? It's true that Liza Dawson told me she was passing because "just too off beat for my bourgeoisie taste. I like my books less episodic and more plot-driven."


Blogger Rufus said...

The word "bourgeoise" is apt. Books have become Ikea decorative items for people who pretend they still read. The culture is flattened and dull, and art is entirely plot-driven. Keep the chin up. Art is in the wilderness now. Better than being sold at Best Buy.

1:05 AM, July 28, 2005  
Blogger W. S. Cross said...

Sigh, I try to console myself with that idea, though it would be nice to have a hard copy of the book to direct its readers to. I'm some days bursting with enthusiasm to tell Cassie's full story to the world, knowing I can't give it all away for free.

10:03 AM, July 28, 2005  

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